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We are Mindful Veterans: To learn about us — and possibly join us — see this brief video produced by the World Mindfulness Project called GIFT in early 2017:  The Gift: Delaware Mindful Veterans Video .

To visit our full Veterans’ Mindfulness Forum, Resources & Information pages — Please Click-Push Here .

Resources for Combat Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life

5 Helpful Tips for Veterans Who Choose to Go Back to College

About Us:

We are Mindful Veterans Connection, www.mindfulvets.net , a small but growing group of military veterans in the USA and internationally who have found mindfulness to be extremely effective in dealing with our service-connected conditions such as PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain, Anger Management, Agent Orange Syndrome, etc. We are trying to spread the word on the power of mindfulness to other veterans and active-duty military. For some of us, Mindfulness has been a life-saver, truly transformative.  As part of our own healing, we feel a need to share this with other veterans who may feel they are out of options.

To reach more veterans in this internet and social media age we live in, we created a web forum in 2015 for our small local group in Delaware USA. As our ranks slowly grow, now we are in the process of building a global informational web site and virtual community for and by Veterans (and some active duty) who use mindfulness and mindful meditation in their lives. We are just getting started and have vets from the original Delaware USA MBSR groups; also, more recently we have had registrations from other veterans and mindfulness experts around the USA as well as a few internationally (India, The Philippines). Active duty military and mindfulness professionals and researchers are equally welcome. We also have unregistered visitors visit our site regularly from around the world as well. As things unfold, we anticipate including first-responders as well, given that their occupations are also very much trauma-centered.

We are NOT a formal US government-sanctioned VA website but receive helpful support and information from various mindfulness experts within and outside the VA.

We are working in conjunction with Sam Beards’ GIFT program; to learn more visit: https://giftglobal.org/

Our Goals:

Mindful Veterans Connection’s purpose is two-fold:

1. To provide mindfulness information resources relevant to veterans, and,
2. To grow a virtual veterans’ peer-support presence online as this site evolves.

To visit our Mindfulness Forum, Resources & Information pages — Please Click-Push Here .


To visit our  Mindfulness Information & Forum Pages — Please Click-Push Here

Dana K. Lewis
SSGT USAF 1966-1976